High-end without the high-end prices

High-End Without The High-End Prices



The staple of the cannabis industry. Whatever name you use to refer to the raw flowers themselves, flower is everyone’s favorite. There are many different smells, tastes, and effects available from many different varieties of the cannabis plant. No worries, we know it can be confusing if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for and we are here to help. Just let one of our sales team know if you are a bit of a novice and we will be glad to guide you to the best product for you!



Concentrates are just as they sound, a concentrated Cannabis product. Generally, concentrates come in one of several forms which vary primarily depending on their potency and consistency. At Rooted, we offer a selection of concentrates from across the state. One of our team will be happy to connect you with the concentrate that is right for you!



Edibles are the best form of Cannabis in many people's opinions. They offer the ability to consume Cannabis in a discreet form with no smoking or vapor. Many people report a longer lasting and “full-body” experience from consuming edibles. At Rooted, we offer a selection of edibles from various processors across the state. One of our team will be happy to connect you with the edible product that is right for you!



Topicals are products infused with cannabis oil containing THC/CBD. Cannabis topicals are perfect for many people. Most topicals (for most people) do not produce any intoxicating effects while maintaining other benefits perceived. There are multiple different varieties of topicals that may be better in a certain situation. We also offer patches! Many companies offer topicals in the Colorado, but we only carry the best at Rooted!

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Customer Reviews


"Everyone at Rooted helped create a great experience! All of the staff members were friendly, fast and full of knowledge!!!! These guys really know what they’re talking about! Great staff, great prices, great product!!!!!!"

- James B


“Ive been to all but 4 dispensaries in the area and this one has by far made the best impression with service and prices!"

- Karvey7890


"The best costumer service in Trinidad. Greatest prices in Trinidad. Great prices and selections for bulk both on the premium buds and the discounted buds. Cheap smoking products. You can tell this dispensery is for the people not to make a quick buck. I love this place! Thanks so much"

- Ernest P